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Fishing Tips Number 3 - What About Lures?

Submitted by anonymous » Mon 20-Apr-2020, 18:03

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Lures! How many do you need and what kinds do you need? Well, first of all what kind of fish are you going to be fishing for? What kinds of fish will you be fishing for in the near future? Once we determine that, we can look at the different types of lures we need for catching the variety of fish you are hunting best baitcast reels under 100.

Let's look at bass first. This is a fish that is plentiful in most of the United States and it is a game fish that gives a pretty-good fight and tastes good when eaten. These are good traits in a fish and the kinds of traits that make us want to catch them. They are a game fish that likes to get their food by attacking it and eating it right away. Since they prefer minnows and similar small fish to eat, let's get a variety of artificial lures that look and act like minnows. These are called "plugs" and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. I would encourage you to choose those that look to be like real minnows in color and size.

There are several manufacturers that make a great variety of these plugs. I think you should start with two of each size you want - and - I suggest you choose medium and slightly larger than medium. Four of these costs more if you buy from a manufacturer that strives to give you a superior product, but in this case, you do get what you pay for. There are manufacturers that make plugs that are not excellent in quality and you will find that they do not last, so choose wisely. You probably are asking why get two of them per size if they last? Well, the good lures last, but does your casting accuracy come up to the place it should be and are you sure you won't get them caught on a stump or log? My accuracy does not always measure up to the level of "expert" that I think I am.

Besides, I can remember my father-in-law telling me; "You can't catch fish if you don't get the lure where they are." And, they are near and/or under logs and stumps! So, I suggest 2 of each size - just to be safe! My favorite is a mid-sized one that is minnow colored and floats. Many times, small jerks on your line will make the lure seem like an injured minnow and if a nice big bass sees that, be ready for an explosion! That bass will hit it with a fury. After all, he thinks it is LUNCH!

Also, the imitation minnow lures come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Since bass also love small shad, a few of your lures could be in the shape of a shad. You will find an almost endless variety of these wooden (balsa) lures in a well-stocked fishing or sports-good store. Check them out, but remember to choose the lures that look most like the bait fish the bass will like. So often, lures are made to catch fishermen and not fish!

Now, we will need to give you some tips about other types of lures you will need or want. But that will be in another Fishing Tip we will give you.

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RE: Fishing Tips Number 3 - What About Lures?

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