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Software Requirements Specification

Discovering and documenting the customer's requirements is the critical first step in any software or systems project. Requirements specifications containing incorrect facts, omissions, inconsistencies and ambiguities can cripple a software project before it gets underway. CA approaches requirement specification as a mini project within a project. Engaging with these projects we help our clients answer the questions:

  • What will be the most effective requirements elicitation process on this particular project?
  • How can we best engage our subject matter experts to discover complete and correct requirement statements?
  • What is the best modelling technique(s) to analyse our requirements?
  • How do we identify missing requirements?
  • How should we format our requirement specification documents?
  • How should we manage the evolution of our requirements throughout the project's life cycle?


CA provides either a complete turnkey requirements specification service or works with requirements specification teams to improve outcomes. In these roles we:

  • Plan requirements specification projects
  • Elicit Requirements
  • Analyse requirements
  • Prepare software requirements specifications
  • Develop prototypes
  • Review and evaluate requirements specifications
  • Mentor requirements engineers
  • Provide training in requirements planning, elicitation, analysis and specification.

Case Studies

Telstra Telstra was on a mission to substantially improve the productivity of telephone service provisioning. The strategy was to automatically configure telephone exchanges from the information supplied on service orders. CA worked with telecommunications engineers and customer service representatives to elicit, analyse and specify the system's software requirements.
Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Center
The BMTMC is a consortium of the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Transport and Queensland Main Roads. The BMTMC's mission is to integrate the video surveillance of Brisbane's bus transportation and road traffic into a single transport management center. This is achieved by digitizing the closed circuit TV networks of the three partner organizations and presenting 500 video camera images to operators in a single control room. CA's role was to specify the requirements of this common video management system and work with vendors to align the BMTMC's requirements with the state of the art of broadband digital video technology.
Video: Specifying Software Requirements
Video: Specifying Software Requirements