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C&A Targets the Top 3 High Risk Processes
C&A's training programmes target the top 3 software development processes voted as highest risk and least understood by the hundreds of participants in our software quality workshops. Our programmes develop the job skills that the user and the software developer must have to make these processes work. We will improve your competence by demonstrating the steps you must take and the work products you must create to assure consistent success in software development regardless of technology. All our workshop materials provide checklists, standards and procedures based on Australian and international standards for best practice in software development.

Endorsed by the Australian Computer Society for their
Practising Computer Professional Program

How to Implement a Software Quality Management System
Identify where quality techniques can save money in your organisation. Measure and control the quality of your software processes and products. Identify and prioritise the processes that need improvement. Follow up with process and product improvements using ISO 9000/AS 3563 compliant standards and procedures. This program is particularly valuable to organisations seeking accreditation to these standards.
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4 days

Managing Software Projects
Learn how to deliver software systems that meet your customer's requirements on time and on budget. This program focuses on the nuts and bolts of planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling the software project. Highlights are detailed instruction on the preparation of project plans and strategies for maintaining clear visibility of project performance.
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3 days

Specifying Software Requirements
Learn how to provide your software development team with a clear, complete and verifiable statement of your requirements. Learn the essential steps in requirements definition with emphasis on modeling techniques and the format, content and quality criteria of an effective software requirement specification. This program provides essential training for both the practising software developer and the intending purchaser or user of custom built software.
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2 days

Modelling Software Requirements
The primary function of an analyst in the requirements capture process is to analyse and organise informal requirement statements into a form that can be verified by a user and used as input to design. Analysis models describing functional and time dependent behaviour and data relationships are therefore an essential component of the analyst's tool box. Useful models also act as an aid to understanding complex systems, representing the essence of a system in graphical form and down playing excessive detail.

The objective of this one day workshop is to improve analyst skills in the modelling of user requirements. The latest advances in structured analysis are presented together with an introduction to object oriented analysis techniques. Extensive participant interaction is required with application of modelling techniques to a case study.
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1 day