What is the ACS PCP Scheme?

It is claimed by information scientists that knowledge in Information Technology (IT) is doubling about every five years. Unless IT professionals constantly acquire new skills and knowledge their ability to perform their professional duties will be impaired.

Australian Computer Society

The Practising Computer Professional (PCP) scheme is an initiative of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to foster continuing education among its members. The PCP scheme enables clients and employers to differentiate between members who regularly undertake continuing education and members who do not.

To achieve PCP status an ACS member needs to accrue 30 PCP hours in a twelve month period.

An essential part of the scheme is the endorsement of vendor supplied training courses for participation in the PCP scheme. C&A workshops have received this endorsement since the scheme was first piloted in 1990. Each day of a C&A workshop earns the participant 6 PCP hours.

For further information on the PCP scheme contact the ACS on 02 211 5855.

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