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Interface Management Plan

(Alias: IMP)

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An Interface Management Plan (IMP) formalizes an agreement between two organizations (or two groups within the same organisation) that are developing interfacing components of a system.

Interface Management Objectives

The objective of the interface management process is to guarantee the proper functioning of a system composed of many interfacing sub-systems. Ineffective interface management is often responsible for the failure of large systems development projects; interface mismatches causing delays in commissioning and excessive re-work. Interface integrity is particularly important with projects involving stringent safety and security requirements.

The existence of multiple interfaces is a risk raiser in the management of a systems integration project. This risk is managed by following a pre-planned interface management process.

Interface Management Plan Content

An Interface Management Plan addresses the following issues:

  • Identification of the sub-systems or sub-system components that require interfacing
  • Assignment of responsibility and authority for interface management in both the interfacing organizations or groups
  • Specification of the information to be exchanged over the interface with references to Interface Control Documents providing precise technical definitions of interface data flows and protocols
  • Identification of the interface requirements including the scope of works, design, development, installation, integration, testing and commissioning of the sub-systems
  • Indication of requirements for coordination of civil works and other facilities associated with the interface
  • The technical strategy for developing, testing and deploying the interface including specification of the requirements, design and testing documentation required
  • Establishment of development schedules and resources required including the relationship between interface development milestones and overall project milestones
  • Specification of the management and technical skills required for the associated development work, at each phase of the developers' project life cycles
  • Configuration Management and Quality Management procedures relevant to interface development including identification of major reviews
  • Interface development risks and risk management strategies
  • A functional safety management strategy (if applicable) including references to an interface hazard analysis.

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Interface Management Plan is a very important document in any project, It is the first step toward identifying and managing the interfaces between different parties involved in the project. The document is prepared by the Project Management Team (PMT) and is submitted to the client for approval. The interface management plan should describe all aspects of the interaction between the parties involved in a project including organizational structures, responsibilities, information exchange, risk identification, mitigation, etc. I would like to know how to use essay writing services now. For reference, please find attached with this e-mail a sample Interface Management Plan which we have recently generated for one of our clients.

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