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Configuration Item Register

(Alias: configuration register)

A list of all the configuration items (CIs) for a project. The register identifies and describes CIs, maintains CI status information, identifies specifications with which the CI must comply and indicates the CI's position in the overall structure of the configuration by describing parent/child relationships with other CIs. All projects should create and maintain registers of configuration items (refer Configuration Identification - Why Configuration Identification is Important for compelling reasons).

Sample Configuration Register Format

Item Description
CI registration code Provide a part number or unique textual tag
CI revision level A variant indicator
CI name A short form unstructured textual tag
revision description Short form description of the nature of the revision.
Example: Compiled with Borland Turbo C compiler version 2.01, reference to a release note
CI type The generic type of item. For example, document, code source listing, executable
class The class of item of a given type. Example: In the case of documents; requirements document, design document, test plan etc. In the case of code; module, unit, part, firmware set etc.
description A description of the CI including document or SCI title. Example: Network communications interface module.
specification The specification(s) to which this CI must comply. Example: For a code module, specify one or more detailed design documents For a detailed design document specify the high level design(s)
specification revision The revision level of the specification(s) to which this CI must comply
standard The quality assurance standard with which this CI must comply
standard revision The revision level of the quality assurance standard with which this CI must comply.
implementation authority The individual or group responsible for developing and modifying the CI
approval authority The individual responsible for accepting and approving change to the CI
baseline The baseline to which the CI belongs. Refer baseline
parent CI Parent CI if a component of an aggregate CI
parent CI revision level The revision level of the parent CI
manufacturer For purchased CIs identify the manufacturer
manufacturer's part number For purchased CIs identify the manufacturer's part number
manufacturer's revision For purchased CIs identify the manufacturer's revision level for the item
medium Identify the medium on which the CI is held Example: CD, dat tape, cloud storage
medium identifier Provide the media label
CI status The CI's current configuration status. Refer Baseline - Baseline Progression



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RE Definition: Configuration Register

References to Parent CI Revisions

By anonymous » Thu 26-Nov-2015, 17:05, My rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✩ ✩

I've found references to parent CI revision in registers problematic as it doesn't recognise that the same revision of a CI component can form part of more than one CI parent revision.
I prefer to reference downwards ie. to sub-component CI revisions as that is typically unique.

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