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(Alias: system arrangement)

The arrangement of a system expressed in terms of hardware and software components and their interrelationships. A typical configuration consists of:

  • All deliverable software and hardware
  • Specifications and design descriptions that describe the system's components (configuration items) and their internal and external interactions
  • Planning documentation
  • Testing documentation and data.

An Example of a Configuration

A Configuration Example

The figure depicts the configuration of an underground railway environmental control system. The system has a central operation control centre and many railway stations. Each station has:

  • A local control processor (LCP) that allows operators to display and manipulate the air conditioning system and smoke extraction fans
  • A remote terminal unit (RTU) that performs the control function and
  • An integrated backup panel (IBP) that allows operators to take over manual control of the system.

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Ваше стремление предоставлять контент точно и актуально заслуживает похвалы, и я хотел бы это признать. кпс-тест предоставляет отличную платформу как для серьезного улучшения скорости кликов, так и для непринужденного расслабления.

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