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Electronic Clinical History, necessary for public health

Submitted by anonymous » Tue 17-Nov-2020, 20:37

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The Electronic or digital Medical Record is necessary for public health. Public health needs to be computerized with a common electronic medical record system. The data is stored in the cloud, it is of great relevance to be successful in clinical management and guaranteeing proper health care for the population, but today much more is needed than medical software. Unfortunately, there are still many medical centers or health centers that are reluctant to implement solutions that seek responsible care of the population and correct medical management Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing.

Instead they prefer to wait for their Electronic Health Record system to evolve according to new demands or demands that arise. This can be a long and unnecessary wait. Many experts agree that in order to be successful in clinical management it is key that the clinic is guided and supported by more than an EHR system. It should be noted that 99% of patient activity takes place outside medical centers and hospitals, something that is very far from the Electronic Health Record systems.

Digital Clinical History of patients
The digitization of clinical data of patients has become a necessity for any health center, but at the same time it is essential to support both within and outside the Electronic Health Record Systems the approaches that are responsible for improving the experience of patients. Patients and the quality of care received by the medical professional. And thanks to the great advances in this regard, today there are countless tools to make this happen.

Storage and control of medical data
To point out that the storage and control of data is a fundamental step to transform the health care received by medical professionals, a key step that few health centers have bothered to take into account. Health systems must be responsible for storing and controlling clinical, financial and operational data, allowing all this data to be perfectly accessible and usable through multiple applications. This point helps to achieve a comprehensive vision of each patient.

New approach to patient care
The healthcare world is a world with a complex environment where there are too many daily challenges and too many patients to attend to, and all this with scarce resources available to carry out adequate clinical management. Offering a new approach to patient care allows health institutions to be able to understand the great economic and clinical risk that exists.

Obviously, it is these institutions who have the possibility of carrying out the necessary actions so that no risk occurs. Performing an analysis using claims and clinical data will help to identify almost immediately what actions to take to improve the erroneous or missing aspects.

Coordination in clinical management and medical care
Understanding the clinical and financial risks that exist is key to being able to take the appropriate action measures to properly manage each specific risk. The use of new solutions, in addition to an Electronic Health Record system, allows medical management that implies greater patient satisfaction, as well as a much lower cost of patient care.

Our experience in medical management has identified best practices for patient care as well as public health coordination. All of this improves outcomes, processes, expense reimbursement, and patient satisfaction:

• Extract patient information.
• Analyze the data and identify the risks in the population.
• Deliver the information at medical care points.
• Share the data with the medical team.
• Personalize the care of each patient, monitor and intervene correctly

And it is that the improvement in the coordination in clinical management and medical care will drive to achieve better results, but for this, an identification of the best management and care practices for the general population must first be carried out.

Patient commitment, synonymous with well-being
The commitment of patients is a fundamental part for the success in clinical management and maintaining the correct well-being of the population, since, as mentioned above, practically all the patient's activity takes place outside the health centers. The key is to get patients involved to achieve optimal results.

As it has been seen, the key to achieving the desired results is to look much further away from the Electronic Health Record systems, making correct use of all the data, both clinical, financial and operational, of which available in the health system.

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RE: Electronic Clinical History, necessary for public health

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