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There are so many different qualities that make up a good relationship but trust is one of the most important ones.
I believe in the details in life.
My partner and I once went for a couples astrology reading and she said my hubby was there to remind me of the big picture
and I was there to remind him of the details and that has been so true in our relationship.
When I look at it, it’s those little details that speak for so much more.

Grand gestures can be great but for me, the little details are what really say I love you.
A cup of tea made without asking, organizing dinner without having to ask, filling my bottle of water for me because he knows I forget to do it myself,
a post -it note slipped under the pillow. These little gestures, to me, are the ones that really speak to my soul and heart and let me know that I am truly loved.
I would rather have these little reminders constantly, than have one grand gesture once a year. ( on Valentines Day, for example).

The same applies with trust. In marriage, we often think of trust as one all encompassing thing, do we trust them or not?
We think of all the big things where our trust can be broken. Do we trust that they’ll be faithful, not lie, or betray us?
If we can answer yes to those questions, then that means we trust our partners, right? But for me, trust is also in the details.
In the daily promises that get broken.

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I came across this article, 7 Solutions That Can Save a Relationship and these were some of the points which I felt were most relevant to me in order to develop trust in your relationship.

1.Be consistent.
2.Be on time.
3.Do what you say you will do.
4.Don’t lie – not even little white lies to your partner or to others.
5.Call when you say you will.
6.Call to say you’ll be home late.

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