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What are the top tier brands of men's shoes?

Submitted by Adrianoss » Mon 17-Jan-2022, 23:19

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Ok, I've always thought that buying awesome, quality shoes less often was better than buying crappy shoes often. And after years of my various Allen Edmonds kicking ass and getting compliments while my Clarks and Cole Haans just kind of 'blah', I'm expanding my shoe rack.

From sneakers to snow boots to my best dress shoes, I think I can have an epic shoe collection of everything I need for every situation in 16 pairs (Yes, I really do like shoes).

For the record, I have like 5 different pairs of Allen Edmonds and they are all freakin' fantastic. I just ordered my first pair of Loakes and I have my eye on something from Frye

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RE: What are the top tier brands of men's shoes?


By tonnyken » Mon 24-Jan-2022, 19:18, My rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✩

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