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Your Virtual Assistant Business Plan

Submitted by SophiaFriedman » Wed 28-Aug-2019, 18:46

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Are you ready to create your Virtual Assistant Business Plan?

Welcome to the second blog post in the Setting up a Virtual Assistant Business series.

This post is all about your plan.

The plan to set up your Virtual Assistant business.

If you haven’t read the first blog post in this series, I invite you to do so before jumping into this one.

You can read it HERE.

Ok, back to your plan.

I know I mentioned in the previous blog post that the first thing you need to do is have a plan. A plan for how and when you’re going to do the work needed to make it happen.

But to be honest… the first thing you should do is make a decision.

A decision to either find out more about becoming a virtual assistant or going for it and starting your own business.


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