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Synchrony bank

Submitted by Xials » Sat 22-Jan-2022, 07:12

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Has anyone previously worked with this synchrony bank before? Thanks in advance for help.

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By Kingasan555 » Sat 22-Jan-2022, 07:40, My rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi, I want to inform you that Synchrony Bank offers traditional CDs with maturities ranging from three months to five years. Traditional CDs and Roth IRA CDs are also available, which is not available in all other banks. If you don’t believe me, I advise you to read the synchrony bank reviews. Synchrony Bank pays you for your deposit at competitive rates. Synchrony Bank offers a speed guarantee. CDs opened and funded within 15 days will receive a higher annual interest rate if Synchrony Bank suddenly raises rates during this period.

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