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Reasons To Add A Retaining Wall To Your Property

Submitted by fergus » Wed 24-Nov-2021, 14:57

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Retaining walls can be an excellent addition to any property but it is true that they work better in some areas when compared to others. They can help prevent moisture from traveling, prevent soil erosion and serve a variety of other purposes. When installing one of these, you should always hire a professional both for the planning stages and to complete the installation as it can be difficult to install a s ... y one that will stand up to all conditions. The exact layout and materials used for the wall will depend on its purpose and here are just some of the most common reasons people choose to add one of these landscape pieces to their property.

Soil Erosion

The biggest reason that people in dry climates choose to install a retaining wall is to fight soil erosion. This problem can affect the water supply and cause problems on your land but by installing a wall, it can be easily prevented. Walls to control soil erosion are frequently made of natural or environmentally friendly materials such as recycled concrete aggregate, recycled iron oxide or recycled fly ash. It is also sometimes possible to simply use materials such as stones and/or wood that are located near the area that the wall will be built. This is one way to add fantastic yet functional curb appeal to your property.

Reducing Slope and asphalt parking lots new jersey

If your property includes a steep slope, that is another good reason to consider installing one of these features. Sometimes a slope will be so steep that it is nearly impossible to access, whether to walk on or simply tend to your landscaping. The addition of a wall (or several smaller ones) can break the steep slope into several sections with a more reasonable slope, making access much easier. With an improved slope you will see a landscape that is not only easier to manage, it will also be more aesthetically pleasing.

Contouring Land - Asphalt parking lots New Jersey

Although retaining walls are most commonly used for practical reasons, they can also be installed for aesthetic purposes such as contouring the land. This is useful if for some reason you would like to section off an area of your yard, whether it is for a different type of garden or a swing set for your children. In this case, a retaining wall will actually help stabilize and level the land in addition to providing aesthetic or organizational value for your property.

The difference is that in most townships throughout Michigan, the construction of a retaining wall is not regulated by the building department or construction codes. The quality of the construction is solely based on the experience of the contractor or homeowner. In many cases, neither party has extensive knowledge, experience or training, and as a result, it is built with poor integrity, installed, and destined for failure.

If you are considering hiring a retaining wall contractor, here are some questions I suggest you should ask.

How many years have you been installing?
What are the construction specifications that you follow?
May I have a copy of your construction specifications?
Are you licensed and insured to be working on my property?
What is the warranty on the product?
What is the warranty on the installation/workmanship?
Where can I see some retaining walls that you have built?
Do you own the equipment that will be used on my property?
Can I visit your place of business? This question is very important, and I highly recommend you visit the company facility. It is not uncommon for companies to be renting equipment and working out of their home. If a contractor is not fully vested in their company, then I would suggest you not invest in them! These contractors come and go out of business regularly.

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