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Treatment of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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Are you ashamed of telling someone you have panic attack syndrome? Most people do.

A panic attack may occur suddenly but there are ways on how to stop a panic attack. There are self-help methods, which include changing one's attitude, practicing breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques as well. Learning to handle worries and things that cause anxiety will go a long way towards stopping and preventing panic attacks in some cases. This best cbd oil article outlines the signs and symptoms of a panic attack and how to deal with them.

Some self-help advocates support turning negative feelings and attitudes into positive, healing attitudes. These include asking oneself questions like what one can learn from an episode and accepting that there is no shame in it.

Recognizing Signs And Symptoms

Because hyperventilating is also a symptom, learning to control breathing is another way on how to stop a panic attack. Usually sufferers are advised to practice deep breathing techniques, which can relax them as well.

Controlling Your Reaction is the Key Factor and best CBD oil

Before going for medications, one should check first with a physician to determine existing medical conditions that trigger the panic attacks. After a thorough check-up, the doctor can then determine the best approach to stopping and maybe curing the anxiety attacks. Sometimes the treatment will include both psychological and medical considerations.

Panic Disorder Treatments

One such psychological treatment on how to stop panic attacks is cognitive behavioral therapy. Here, one is thought to recognize the fears in a realistic approach, which will then result in controlling the fears and anxieties. Thought processes and behavior patterns recorded by experts are modified to adapt to the given situation.

Another therapy used is exposure therapy wherein one is exposed to the sense of panic but in a safe and controlled environment. These give the patient more control as well as learn ways of coping with the situation. Gradual exposure to the fear helps to make the panic feeling recede.

Exercise and techniques to manage stress are also used to stop anxiety attacks. Some examples would be doing aerobic exercises or practicing yoga techniques to help control breathing patterns. Medical treatments on the other hand involve using medications such as antidepressants and benzodiazepines.

Antidepressants are taken over a certain period as they work only after a few weeks of use. Benzodiazepines on the other hand, act rapidly, often within half an hour of taking them. Thus, they are for use in those situations when an anxiety attack suddenly occurs. However, many of these drugs are addictive which is why care should be taken when resorting to this type of treatment.

It is said that the best treatments are a combination of all these methods. The different methods work hand in hand to control the situations better. Patients are advised to avoid caffeine and smoking as these can act as triggers. What is vital on how to stop panic attacks is to seek professional help, identify the triggers, and learn to cope with these stresses and anxieties.

Practicing and learning breathing and relaxation methods help not just in stopping panic attacks but also towards leading a healthy lifestyle.


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