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Configuration Status Accounting

The recording and reporting of information needed for configuration management including the status of configuration items (CIs), proposed changes and the implementation status of approved changes. Status accounting provides the means by which the current state of the development can be judged and the history of the development life cycle can be traced.

A typical Configuration Status Report might include:

  • A list of the configuration items that comprise a baseline
  • The date when each version of each configuration item was baselined
  • A list of the specifications that describe each configuration item
  • The history of baseline changes including rationales for change
  • A list of open change requests by configuration item
  • Deficiencies identified by configuration audits
  • The status of works associated with approved change requests by CI.

Configuration status information is maintained in a Configuration Item Register.

Why Configuration Status Accounting is Important

Scenario: Coding from an Out-of-date Design

A development team spends two months coding from a baselined design description that, unbeknown to them, has outstanding change requests. When the change requests are finally implemented the design is substantially different. Ten thousand lines of code have to be re-worked.

This loss could have been avoided if the configuration status of the design description was known to the software developers.


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